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Life Insurance


I have used Wealth Anand for a number of deals and needs, both personal and financial related and have never been disappointed with the value or the quality of the advisory or services offered. The Downtown location is easy to get in and out of and the services are rendered with the highest level of competence and professionalism.

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Life Insurance

When we have to deal with death, our dependents won’t have to deal with many of it’s consequences if we have the right life insurance cover. With the right insurance, you can save your family from having to undergo financial duress along with the emotional stress.

The life insurance cover helps your family to regain and sustain financial foothold by means of a lump sum as agreed upon the beginning of the life insurance policy. Most of the life insurance covers pay upon the death of the policy holder and few pay when a person is diagnosed with terminal illness. Irrespective of whether you are a single person or you are with a family, having a life insurance is a part of the financial planning for your future. Contact Wealth Anand to know what kind of insurance will best suit your needs.

Our approach – your strategy

We approach every insurance policy with a different strategy for the insurance needs of every person will be different. We customize our solutions to match with your unique needs and financial position. We have a structured approach to every insurance policy which involves,

• Listening attentively to our clients and understanding their needs for insurance. We try to understand their financial position and their financial objectives for seeking insurance.

• We furthermore analyze the details collected and also look at the underwriting required for the policy and ensure that the same is collected.

• We have a dedicated team that reviews the policies that applies for the said financial objectives and finalize on the one that suits you better.

• We then proceed to implement the policy upon your concurrence on the same.

With Wealth Anand, you can have the right insurance cover and the processing completed in no time.

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